Why Your Small Business Should Partner with A Covered California Insurance Agent

Why Your Small Business Should Partner with A Covered California Insurance Agent

Small business owners:  Do you currently partner with a Covered California insurance agent to help with offering policies as part of your benefits package?  If not, you should certainly be thinking about it.  Partnering with a licensed insurance agent opens up new potential within your business, increasing your ability to recruit candidates, and offer superior benefits.

If you haven’t thought about finding an insurance agent before, here are a few things to consider.

Four Reasons Small Business Owners Want A Covered California Insurance Agent as A Partner

  • You need to offer insurance

Small businesses often struggle to attract qualified workers, particularly at times when they need to expand.  Your benefits package is a big part of this!  You need to offer high-quality “bennies” if you’re going to get the best workers available, and an insurance agent can help make that happen – and potentially at much lower prices than you might expect!

  • Remove the bureaucratic hurdles

Another major barrier to SMBs implementing healthcare benefits is the problem of administration.  Hiring someone qualified to administrate these benefits can be difficult, and the penalties for improper administration are high.  However, licensed insurance agents can handle the work on your behalf!  Many smaller businesses are discovering that insurance partners can become their outsourced benefits agent, substantially lowering the costs associated with healthcare policies.

  • Offer top-quality policies

When you’re partnered with a highly qualified insurance company, you’ll have your pick of the best in insurance policies offered by Covered California.  Your agent will help you sort through the offers on the table so that you can put together benefits packages that fit the needs of your workforce and your own financial situation,  This would be difficult or impossible to accomplish if you were trying to negotiate everything yourself.

  • Give yourself room to grow

Finally, consider the long term.  When you have an insurance agent on your side, expansion isn’t a problem.  They can help you continue to grow and negotiate better benefits packages, making it much easier to expand while still attracting the high-quality talent your business needs to succeed in a cutthroat global market.

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We are fully licensed and highly experienced Covered California insurance agents, with a focus on building relationships with growing SMBs.  If you’re looking for options to expand your benefits package and attract better hires, contact us to discuss your situation.


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