Why Personal Medical Insurance in California is Highly Recommended

Why Personal Medical Insurance in California is Highly Recommended

It would be an understatement to say that the Affordable Care Act drastically changed the way Americans viewed health insurance. Health insurance, which was once considered completely optional, is now a requirement among all Americans. Notably, those who fail to acquire a policy as mandated by the Act are required to pay additional taxes. While some would consider such circumstances unfair, it might be in your best interests to hold a policy of your own.

Health insurance can most definitely help when you need it the most—on occasions when you have to pay for large hospitalization and/or medical fees. If you value your health and your finances, you will want insurance in order to protect yourself and your family from any bankruptcy-causing medical bills. Fortunately, you can always rely on an insurance agency like Good and Associates Insurance Services if you are looking for specific medical insurance policies in California.

Why Should You Get Health Insurance of Your Own?

There are several reasons why getting personal medical insurance in California is a good deal. Here are the more notable ones:

  • It might be better than your employer’s plan – If you work for a company or enterprise, chances are that you have a basic health insurance plan that the business has arranged for you. As far as “basic” goes, such employee group policies have very limited coverage. Worse, their pricing is based off on the average health condition of your company, meaning you could potentially find an even more affordable policy for yourself.
  • Having a policy that covers your specific medical needs – The medical insurance policy your employer has for you might not cover any specific medications you need, or your regular doctor might not even honor your employer’s preferred insurance. Best to select a policy that covers all your bases.
  • Covered California™ – Perhaps the biggest draw to signing up for medical insurance—in California, specifically—is Covered California™. It is the state’s health insurance exchange, where both individuals and companies can shop for policies that suit their needs. With such a comprehensive resource at your fingertips, you could choose the policy that is just right for you, price and coverage-wise. Of course, you can still rely on a medical insurance agency to help you filter through the list of possible policy carriers if you want the best possible deals.



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