Who Can Qualify for Covered California Insurance?

Who Can Qualify for Covered California Insurance?

Who Can Qualify for Covered California Insurance?

If you’re looking for affordable health insurance in California, enrolling in a Covered California plan can be a great alternative to other types of insurance. However, not everyone is eligible to enroll. That’s why the team from Good and Associates Insurance Services has collected some important information for you here.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about who qualifies for Covered California Insurance and how to enroll!

  1. Immigrants Can Apply for Medical Coverage Through Covered California

If you’re an immigrant in California, you can apply for Covered California Insurance. It’s important to note that it is a requirement to have some type of healthcare coverage for those who are U.S. citizens or legal residents. This includes those who are considered refugees or who have been granted asylum by the U.S., as well as both temporary and permanent residents.

  1. Undocumented Individuals Can Qualify for Coverage

Undocumented residents can qualify for Covered California Insurance coverage if a documented family member applies for it on their behalf. However, it’s important if applying for an entire household that undocumented family members mark “no,” to signify that they’re not the ones applying.

  1. Documents Needed to Enroll in Covered California

To enroll in Covered California, you’ll need to demonstrate proof of your lawful presence in the state. Only family members who are actually applying for the insurance will need to demonstrate proof of their lawful presence, not undocumented individuals who are having a documented member applying on their behalf. You’ll likely be asked to provide some or all of the following information:

  • Mailing address
  • Work and household income information
  • Federal tax details
  • Social Security information
  • Documents to verify U.S citizenship or lawful immigration status
  • Information on family members who need health coverage
  1. How to Enroll for Health Coverage in California

If you want to enroll in Covered California, you can do so on the state’s health insurance exchange online, you’ll simply need to fill out a form. You can also work with a company like Good and Associates Insurance Services to ensure your application contains everything needed.

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