What You Want in A Health Insurance Broker Near You

What You Want in A Health Insurance Broker Near You

When you’re online searching for a health insurance broker near me, whether via Medicare or private insurers, you have a lot of options on your table.  There are dozens of insurance companies, and hundreds of plans to choose from – not to mention a’ la carte options; it’s a lot for anyone to take in.  That’s why, most of the time, your best choice is to work with a Good & Associates health insurance broker.

A health insurance broker near you can provide invaluable advice, helping you sort through the many insurance products you might qualify for.  They can also guide you through the sign-up process and simplify the red tape.   Best of all they can usually save you money on your health insurance!

How do you choose the best health insurance brokers?  Here are a few tips.

Must-Haves When Choosing A Health Insurance Broker

  1. Proper licensing

An unlicensed insurance broker won’t last long, since that’s illegal in most areas, but it’s still a good idea to check.  Look for licensing and certification information on their website to make sure they’re legitimate.

  1. Independence

You always want a health insurance broker which operates independently of the insurance companies.  This is what guarantees they’re working in your best interest.  When they’re independent, they can pick and choose between numerous insurance companies looking for the best insurance packages for your needs.

  1. Numerous industry contacts

Generally speaking, the more insurance companies the broker works with, the better.  That just means you get more choices when picking plans, and more opportunities to find better deals.  Well-established brokers who have been in the industry for a few years should have connections with most, if not all, of the insurance companies in California.

  1. Low or no fees

Generally speaking, an insurance broker should not be charging you for their services – at least not very much.  Proper brokers are actually paid by the insurance companies as “finders” directing customers to them.  This means they have no good reason to charge you.  If their fees seem high, look for a different broker.

  1. Ongoing help and support

Finally, you want a health insurance broker near you who will keep working with you after you buy insurance.  Ideally, they should serve as your main point of contact if you have any questions, problems, or concerns. Don’t work with brokers who won’t help you after the sale is made.

Health Insurance Broker Near Me

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