Understanding the Parts of Medicare Insurance

Understanding the Parts of Medicare Insurance

Entering the Medicare marketplace can often lead to confusion about the various parts of this complex system. But it’s important to learn your options and make choices based on the best information at your disposal. Our team at Good and Associates have experience in the healthcare insurance marketplace, and within our latest post, we’re explaining more about the various parts of Medicare insurance.

Part A

Part A deals with inpatient hospital care. It’s the coverage that everyone receives when they pay into the social security system over many years.

Part B

Part B is the optional part of Medicare that is usually covered by the employer and includes many different services. For example, doctor’s visits and checkups are included in Part B. Preventative screenings are also included within Part B.

Part C

Part C of Medicare includes all privatized elements of the Medicare program. It’s also known as Medicare Advantage. Within this part of Medicare, all insurance premiums are paid to a private insurance company, who then deal with the government as it relates to health care costs. Part C provides some benefits in place of A and B, but patients still have to pay part B premiums to receive the full level of care.

Part D

Part D relates to the distribution of prescription drugs within the Medicare program. It’s another part of Medicare that is offered through private companies and these private companies must be certified by Medicaid to ensure approval. Premiums are paid to private insurance companies for prescription coverage, and most companies simply deduct the premiums from the person’s social security checks. This is an optional part of Medicare that is available to all who pay for Part A.

Good and Associates

In choosing how you arrange your medical coverage, it’s critical that you analyze each of these Medicare insurance options alongside a trusted healthcare insurance specialist. Our team at Good and Associates has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and we’re now offering affordable pricing on extended health care coverage. To discover more about your full range of options, please call us today.


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