Three Discussions to Have with Your Medicare Agent Before Selecting A New Plan

Three Discussions to Have with Your Medicare Agent Before Selecting A New Plan

Every year, during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), you have the opportunity to choose new Medicare plans or make changes to your existing enrollments.  It’s important to take your time when considering whether you should change plans, in consultation with an experienced Medicare agent.  Even minor changes to your medical situation in the past year could potentially mean you want to switch plans, either to maintain coverage or reduce your costs.

There are a lot of factors to consider, but these are the three most important topics of conversation when you discuss plans with your Medicare agent.

Three Critical Points to Consider During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

1. Changes to your health

First, and most importantly: have there been any major changes to your health in the past year?  Or, has your medical provider suggested changes to your care that would be enacted in the coming year?  Both of these could have a huge impact on what Medicare plans you utilize.

Don’t forget this includes positive changes as well as negative.  If a health problem has been resolved, make sure to tell your Medicare agent!

2. Changes to your doctors/providers

Secondly, have you made any changes to which doctors or other healthcare providers you’re utilizing?  For example, has your primary care provider referred you to any specialists?  You will want to work with your agent to make sure that any changes to your medical providers will still be covered under Medicare.  

This can be tricky since not all medical providers participate in various Medicare programs.  You need to be certain your medical needs will still be met in the year to come.

3. Changes to your medication

Finally, have you made any changes in the types of medication you’re taking, or even to the dosage?  Medicare Part D prescription plans are extremely complicated, so small changes in your medication could potentially have a big impact on your plan choices and overall coverage.  

Don’t forget to mention if you’ve switched from a brand name medication to a generic, or vice-versa.  This can also impact your Plan D choices!

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We know that sorting through all your Medicare options is complicated – that’s why we want to make it easier for you to get the coverage you need!  Our experienced Medicare agents are standing by, so please contact us with any questions you might have.

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