The Role of a Health Insurance Broker

The Role of a Health Insurance Broker

Selecting and enrolling in a health insurance plan can be daunting for the average consumer. Individuals are often overwhelmed with the range of carriers, services, and complex application forms. A quick search for a health insurance broker near me can be the difference between a confusing, drawn-out process and a simple selection.

If you are unsure whether it is worth purchasing health insurance through a broker, you may be wondering what exactly you can expect from a professional agent. Below, our team at Good & Associates has explained our duty as a trusted health insurance broker, and what our clients have to gain from our services.

What Health Insurance Brokers Have to Offer

Experience with numerous providers – Where many health insurance agents work for a single provider, and therefore offer a biased opinion- our insurance brokers work with various carrier partners to offer a range of unique plans that fulfill a variety of needs. At Good & Associates, we work with top companies such as Aetna, Blue Shield, and Oscar. We provide options for group health and individual coverage, informed by the client’s specific healthcare requirements and budget.

Long-term support – Through customer support and various valuable resources, health insurance brokers can benefit even those who are savvy enough to review health insurance plans and make a selection on their own. Should a client run into a payment issue, problems submitting a claim, or uncertainty about their plan, health insurance brokers provide a direct contact for the individual to reach out to for assistance.

Asking the right question – During an initial meeting with a health insurance broker, they will seek to understand your needs and budget through a series of questions. The broker will want to know your current health status, prescriptions that you are taking, necessary health services, your local pharmacy, along with many other important pieces of information that will allow them to make suitable recommendations for health insurance options.

Education – One of the most important functions of a good health insurance broker is to educate their clients on key terminology, state and federal laws that govern health insurance, how to successfully file a claim, and other important processes. At Good & Associates, we believe that the more information our clients have, the better equipped they will be to select a plan that fits their needs.

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