The 10 Mistakes Made by Medicare Agents

The 10 Mistakes Made by Medicare Agents

Your Medicare agent can help you find the right policy at an affordable price. But not all Medicare agents are equally qualified. With that in mind, let’s explore some common mistakes Medicare agents make.

10 Common Mistakes Medicare Agents Can Make

  1. Not taking product training seriously

Some only learn the basics and don’t have a clear understanding of Medicare compliance.

  1. Taking shortcuts with the rules

Your Chino Hills Medicare agent might not comply with the latest regulations. They could cost you thousands of dollars in coverage costs.

  1. Failing to help clients set up a succession plan

Some agents focus only on the current policy. But setting up a plan is essential, particularly for business owners.

  1. Failing to go to training

There’s no such thing as too much knowledge about a product. Medicare agents should spend some of their time brushing up on the latest options.

  1. Not educating clients

Does your agent spend more time selling you on the policy without explaining to you what the policy includes? This could mean it’s time to choose another provider.

  1. Not using laymen’s terms with clients

While a Medicare agent might know all the technical terms for the Medicare products, this won’t help you. Make sure that your Medicare agent explains your options in clear terms.

  1. Cannot access documents on short notice

The failure to access documents and related information in a short time could mean that your agent is unable to help you. You may find that your Medicare coverage has lapsed due to a documentation error by the agent. Make sure your agent helps you complete all documents.

  1. Depending on company lead drops

Agents must be proactive and network with their clients. If the agent is dependent solely on their agency for leads, they don’t have the required attitude to succeed long-term.

  1. Failing to keep clients updated

If your agent fails to keep you updated about changes to your Medicare policy, they are unable to meet your coverage needs.

  1. Not understanding the carrier guidelines

Each insurance carrier has unique guidelines for their policies. Your Medicare agent should be able to explain these policies to you and help you select the right coverage service.

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