Individual Health

Individual health insurance policies are for those unable to enjoy job-based coverage; perhaps they are self-employed, in-between jobs, or are under the employ of a company incapable of offering said coverage.

Group Health Insurance Plans Through Covered California

Group health

According to the Affordable Care Act, companies with over 50 full-time employees are required to provide comprehensive health insurance to all members of their company.



As a social insurance program, Medicare has the noble goal of providing affordable health insurance to Americans who either have disabilities or who are aged 65 and above.

about life insurance beneficiaries

Life Insurance

Are you the breadwinner of your household? If so, do you have a contingency plan set for your loved ones if something should happen to you in the future? Although such a scenario is an unnerving thought, it is important that you have set up a plan to ensure that those you leave behind are able to continue enjoying the lifestyle that you have been providing them.

Dental Insurance Plans Through Covered California

Dental Insurance

According to health experts, 92% of adults from age 20 to 64 suffer from tooth decay in their permanent teeth. Of those adults, 26% of them have untreated tooth decay. This poses a large problem as many scientific studies have linked poor oral health to other more sinister medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

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