A Quick Guide to Finding Good Life Insurance for Your Needs

A Quick Guide to Finding Good Life Insurance for Your Needs

A good life insurance policy isn’t only for older people! In fact, life insurance can be a good idea for people at almost any point in their lives. Plus, younger people can sign up for life insurance at extremely low rates – sometimes so low as to be nearly negligible, while still providing some peace-of-mind in case of an accident.

If you’re not sure whether you need good life insurance yet, here’s a quick guide to some situations where it would be beneficial for your family.

Situations Where Nearly Anyone Could Use Good Life Insurance

If you are…

1. A recent graduate

Are you carrying co-signed loans for your education? If something happens to you, your co-signer will have to carry the burden. A life insurance policy for the amount of your loans would be extremely affordable and prevent your loans from becoming someone else’s problem.

2. A Stay-at-Home Parent

If something should happen to you, providing for the care of your child would be a top priority. Look for a life insurance policy that could cover expenses such as in-home child care or private schooling – it would save your partner from a lot of hardship.

3. A Homeowner with A Mortgage

If something happened to you with your home mortgaged, your family could easily end up evicted if they couldn’t carry on paying the bills. A life insurance policy for the amount of your mortgage would prevent this, and guarantee your home remained home.

4. Someone with A High Net Worth

Estate taxes and probate costs could easily eat well into your family’s inheritance.  A permanent life insurance policy can cover those expenses, and guarantee that anything you treasure will remain in the family.

5. Someone Looking to Provide an Inheritance

Are you concerned that you won’t be able to leave enough behind for your family after you go? Life insurance can take care of that, by providing a small-to-medium sized inheritance alongside your existing assets.

6. Anyone Concerned with Funeral Expenses

Young or old, funerals can be incredibly costly – beginning in the thousands of dollars, and easily getting well into five figures. A good life insurance policy can, at the least, prevent these costs from being a burden to your family.

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