Pre-Existing Conditions and a Good Health Insurance Policy

Pre-Existing Conditions and a Good Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance laws have changed over the past few years. Pre-existing conditions that were at one time, not eligible for coverage under a new policy, are now included in the majority of good health insurance plans.

At Good and Associates, agents can explain what a pre-existing condition is and whether any new coverage you purchase will cover health problems associated with it.

Buying Health Insurance Is a Process

Buying a good health insurance policy is a process. You can’t opt for coverage once you are injured or on the way to the doctor. It’s important that it already be in place before an injury or illness hits. If you are looking for new insurance and have a pre-existing or chronic condition, you can no longer be denied coverage, but the amount of insurance you are able to get may be somewhat limited by premiums and the amount of your deductible.

Most Plans That Are Grandfathered in Don’t Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Prior to 2014, policies could refuse to cover a pre-existing condition. If you have an existing policy and are adding a spouse that has a pre-existing condition, it may not be covered under the older version. If you want to have the pre-existing condition covered, you may need to apply for a new policy that allows conditions to be covered that were diagnosed prior to the application being received. While a policy that has been grandfathered in may offer exceptional coverage, it may be lacking in other areas, especially when the new laws are taken into consideration.

New Policies Normally Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Many people confuse pre-existing conditions with conditions associated with age. Age is not considered to be a pre-existing health condition. Although new policies make pre-existing conditions eligible for good health insurance coverage, most also charge an increased premium for individuals who have reached or surpassed a specific age.

Good and Associates

Having a pre-existing condition doesn’t prohibit you from qualifying for a good health insurance policy. If you’re looking for a new health insurance policy, it’s important to know as much about the plan as possible before purchasing it. The agents of Good and Associates are available to answer your questions and make sure you choose a policy that will cover the things you need it to at an affordable cost.