Our Rancho Cucamonga Health Insurance Experts Explore the Issue of State Insurance Restrictions

Our Rancho Cucamonga Health Insurance Experts Explore the Issue of State Insurance Restrictions

Nearly every state has its own insurance regulation process, meaning those looking for health insurance in Rancho Cucamonga are restricted to the plans available in California, no matter how well these plans suit their needs in comparison to plans offered in other states. Our team at Good and Associates Insurance Services explores the downsides of these state restrictions below and the benefits that would come from removing them.

State Lines

As of now, in nearly every state, insurance regulation takes place at the state level, meaning residents of California can’t purchase insurance from a company in New Jersey or Utah. Unfortunately, the industry merger and consolidation that is currently taking place will only raise premiums with these state regulations in effect.

Increased Competition, Reduced Costs

Allowing the purchase of health plans across state lines will increase competition by forcing companies to ensure that they balance the number of customers that they have and the profit that they gain per customer. Since customers at more likely to choose lower costs, insurers would have to lower their prices, creating a more balanced market with an increased flexibility when it comes it options.

More Players

In addition, allowing for the purchase of plans across state lines would decrease the consolidation that is currently limiting the amount of players in the health care industry. With more flexibility, more players will be able to offer options, bolstering competition and reducing prices.

In order to provide the best Rancho Cucamonga health insurance possible, we believe that individuals should have the choice of purchasing health insurance across state lines. If you’re looking for quality health insurance plans, give us a call at (800) 429-9900 or (909) 613-0056 anytime and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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