Montclair Insurance Services – What We Offer

Montclair Insurance Services – What We Offer

For residents of Montclair looking for reliable and comprehensive medical insurance, our staff at Good and Associates can help you get started. The following is an outline of the variousMontclair insurance services that we offer and how you can benefit from them.

Individual Health Insurance

With so many options available, choosing an individual insurance plan that is most beneficial for you can be tough. Some policies will offer perks that others don’t, but these may be perks that you have no need for. Factors in health care plans to look out for include:

  • Healthcare center choices
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Perks

At Good and Associates, we can help you find a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget and connect you with a concise list of insurance companies that offer what you need.

Group Health Insurance

As per the Affordable Care Act, companies with over 50 full-time employees are required to provide comprehensive health insurance to all members of the company. However, with the amount of variation between employee needs and company funds, many companies either don’t have enough money to afford insurance or don’t know which plan is best. Our experts can help you find a comprehensive group health insurance company that is beneficial for all of your staff and obtain it through a respected provider.


Although Medicare provides affordable health insurance to Americans with disabilities or seniors over 65 years old, it only covers approximately 48%, leaving the other half for the individuals to cover for themselves. Luckily, many private health insurance companies offerMedigap, policies that are designed to compliment Medicare coverage. Choosing the right Medigap policy requires an understanding of:

  • Health conditions
  • Medical history
  • Current coverage

Our experts at Good and Associatescan help you choose the private Montclair insurance coverage that compliments your Medicare coverage in the best way possible.

Life Insurance Services

Choosing a proper life insurance policy is essential in order to ensure a contingency plan for your loved ones in the case that something happens to you. It’s not something that anybody wants to consider, but it’s something that needs to be done to ensure that the financial and emotional burdens of loss are minimized as much as possible. Our experts can help you find reliable and affordable life insurance that suits the needs of you and your family.

Dental Insurance

Although many people consider dental health to take the backseat to everything else, untreated tooth decay has been linked to various serious medical conditions including heart disease and diabetes. At Good and Associates, we value the well-being of our clients and can use our years of experience to find a dental plan that gives you the coverage that you need to maintain a healthy smile and body.

For anybody looking for quality Montclair insurance services that fall into any of the categories mentioned above, our experts can find you a coverage plan that suits your needs. For more information or further questions, give us a call at the number listed above and we’ll get you started.

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