Is Medicare Complete a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Is Medicare Complete a Medicare Advantage Plan?

By understanding the differences between the various Medicare plan options, you can select a plan that best suits your health needs in the future. Our team at Good and Associates has great experience in this area of the marketplace and in this latest post, we’re explaining whether Medicare Complete is a Medicare Advantage plan.

  • The Differences

Before choosing your plan, you should know the differences between Medicare supplemental plans and Medicare Advantage plans

  • Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is offered by private insurance companies and offers a unique way in which to receive your Medicare benefits. The Medicare Advantage plans are designed to meet specific criteria and go beyond the conventional options through Medicare. Costs are shared through the use of deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. And most plans will include an out of pocket expense. One major difference between Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Supplement coverage is that Medicare Advantage plans often include Part D prescription drug coverage.

  • Medicare Supplement

A Medicare supplement policy is a policy that is offered by a private insurance company in order to fill the gaps left in coverage through Medicare. The beneficiary of the plan is responsible for the hospital deductible, co-pays after extended hospital visits and 20% of their outpatient expenses. However, one advantage is that that Medicare supplement coverage provides access to facilities that may not be covered under Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Complete is a comprehensive Medicare Advantage Plan that is sometimes offered as a PPO and sometimes as an HMO. It does not fill any gaps left in Medicare but extends the traditional options available through Medicare Advantage. There are many coverage options available through Medicare Complete that further ensure you are completed covered in case of long-term medical needs. It’s important that you take the time to work with a Medicare Advantage expert to find out if the new Medicare Complete plan is suitable for you.

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