Medicare Advantage: The Benefits of the Program

Medicare Advantage: The Benefits of the Program

By understanding more about your health insurance options, you can make an effective choice about your care requirements over the long-term. Our team at Good and Associates has decades of experience in this area of the marketplace, and within our latest post, we’re exploring Medicare Advantage plans and their benefits.

Filing issues

One of the main issues that patients have discovered with Medicare Advantage is that they need to file bills with their insurance companies directly because healthcare professionals sometimes don’t offer Medicare Advantage plans. While Medicare Advantage allows access to any doctor, some patients have been paying more as a result of their issues with filing. These challenges can be resolved by choosing a plan through a trusted insurance specialist.

Network options available

One way in which to reduce issues with billing and having healthcare professionals not accept Medicare Advantage payments is to work within a Medicare Advantage network. Many are now choosing HMO plans and PPO plans that form a network of professionals who accept Medicare Advantage. Plan members simply need some form of identification to show the healthcare professional and they can then receive service at the lower plan rate. Another benefit of these types of plan is that they usually include Medicare Part D coverage, so that plan members have their prescription medication covered as well.

Designed for specific types of patient

It’s important to consider whether Medicare Advantage is right for you and will offer you and your family value over the long-term. Those with chronic conditions are often better suited to Medicare Advantage plans because recurring medication costs are covered directly. In addition, those with fixed incomes may also benefit from the low-cost coverage provided by Medicare Advantage, as the program offers service at a reduced cost compared to the Medicare Supplement.

Our trusted team at Good and Associates can help to guide you in choosing a customized health insurance plan for your needs over the long-term future. To discover more, call us today.


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