Medical Insurance for California College Students: Not Hard to Find

Medical Insurance for California College Students: Not Hard to Find

Seeing a child all grown up and ready for college is a source of pride for any parent, but they might still feel weary about medical assistance that the school might barely provide for. Such a situation opens an opportunity for seeking individual health policies for the student. Donna Gordon Blankinship of The Associated Press said that this possibility was looming amongst a number of colleges and universities throughout the nation.


Parents whose children are aiming to enter one of California’s many public or private colleges/universities later this year should take heed of these developments. When you want to help your child cover all the bases as they undertake a new stage in their life, companies that know the ins and outs of medical insurance in California like Good and Associates Insurance Services are willing to discuss your options.

The Background

According to Blankinship, the pullout of higher education institutions from being able to provide health plans for their students stemmed from Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions that ban student purchase of the plans via “premium tax subsidies”. At the same time, the ACA allowed parents to continue placing their children under their health plans until the latter’s 26th birthday. Health plans offered by a college or university were often seen as providing more value than exchange-purchased plans in terms of better coverage for lower premiums, but the efforts of some states to expand Medicaid reduced the viability of these options in the process.

Although school-provided health plans can offer some leeway for the student, their own financial resources also affects the decision of whether to apply at all. A student interviewed for the AP article said that his school’s own insurance policy had a premium he could not afford even when working part-time, and his retiree parents could not support him either.


A company such as Good and Associates Insurance Services can be tapped to fill the void left by a prospective school’s ending of insurance programs. These firms have listings of each registered insurer in all states and the types of insurance policies they can offer, including California Medicare supplemental insurance. All you need to do is to fill out an online form and a specialist will contact you.

Every person pursuing higher education should not be burdened by notions of whether they will make it in good health. You have the power to help them. Call an insurer now.


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