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Are you the breadwinner of your household? If so, do you have a contingency plan set for your loved ones if something should happen to you in the future? Although such a scenario is an unnerving thought, it is important that you have set up a plan to ensure that those you leave behind are able to continue enjoying the lifestyle that you have been providing them.

Good and Associates Insurance Services understands the emotional and financial burdens of an unexpected loss. This is why we offer our clients a variety of comprehensive traditional California life insurance quotes and Critical Illness with living benefits coverage policies from some of the most respected insurance providers in California, including:

  • American General Life
  • Transamerica Life
  • Cincinnati Life

Whether you are looking for a life insurance policy for yourself or looking to offer your employees life insurance as part of their benefits package, our team of insurance brokers can help you find affordable and reliable life insurance policies. Additionally, our California life insurance agents can help you talk insurance providers into customizing your life insurance policies with a variety of extra clauses that provides you and your family with better protection.

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As one of the most trusted life insurance agencies in California, we are proud to provide clients with the help they need in finding the right insurance policies. We understand that most of our clients are unfamiliar with life insurance and how to find the policy that fits their respective needs. This is why our entire staff of insurance brokers are more than happy to walk you through the entire process. When you choose to work with Good and Associates Insurance Services, you can expect to find the perfect life insurance policy for you and your entire family.

To learn more about the life insurance policies offered by our life insurance partners, do not hesitate to give our office a call at 800-429-9900 or (909) 613 0056. Contact us today!

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  • Why should I take up a life insurance policy?

    The life insurance policy is usually a kind of protection scheme which would allow your family or beneficiary to survive financially after your death. This is called as the death benefit. And if you think that your family requires monetary support after you are gone then it’s better to take up a life insurance policy.

  • Which is best term life or permanent life policy?

    In the term life insurance the duration of your policy exists only for a certain period of time. And if you live longer than the specified time period then the policy expires. Here the initial premiums are less but as you grow older the premium amount increases. So term life insurance is the best when you don’t need a life long insurance. But the permanent life insurance policy gives you a life long protection. This policy also provides you with loans which must be paid back. The permanent life insurance is a bit more expensive than the term life insurance if you don’t want the insurance for long.

  • What are the different types of permanent life insurance?

    There are 3 types of permanent life insurance:

    • Whole life
    • Universal
    • Variable life

    The whole life insurance is just like a normal life insurance, in which the premiums have to be paid for a specified time or for the entire life. But the premium amount would be constant here.In the universal life insurance, first you have to pay an initial amount later the premium amounts can be paid at your own will. You can also modify your death benefit amount.The variable life insurance would separate the term life and cash portions. And it allows you to manipulate the cash portions as you like.



  • What is the procedure for getting a life insurance policy?

    First an application form should be filled and submitted to the insurance company. After the application form is processed the insurance company would conduct a medical exam and if all their conditions are met. Then the company would issue the policy.

  • How much should I insure?

    This depends on your financial background and the amount you think would be sufficient for your family. Many financial experts suggest 10-20 times your annual earning to be insured.