Individual Health Insurance Plans in Chino, California

Individual Health Insurance Plans in Chino, California

Individual Health Care Insurance plan policies for the right prices in California

If you’re facing the need for individual health insurance coverage – rather than getting it through your employer – you’re likely overwhelmed by the variety of decisions and options before you. Navigating through health insurance plans and finding affordable individual health insurance in Chino Hills, CA can be challenging. That’s where Good and Associates steps in. As fully licensed insurance brokers, we are your trusted guides in comparing health insurance plans and exploring all health coverage options, including those from Covered California, the state’s official marketplace. We aim to make securing your medical future as straightforward as possible.

We’re fully licensed and qualified insurance brokers with contacts at every major insurance provider in California. Our role is to work closely with you to understand your specific needs and budget, and then compare health insurance plans to find the right package for you.

What Does Individual Health Insurance Do for You?

No matter how healthy you might be at the moment, there’s simply no telling what the future may bring.  Too many diseases strike without warning, on top of the ever-present possibility of accidents and other physical injury. Individual health insurance plans offer an essential safety net so that your medical expenses can be paid, at minimal cost to you, whenever the need arises.

If you have a family, securing an individual health insurance plan becomes even more crucial. Not only do you need to look after your health, but you also need to consider options that offer sufficient coverage for your family members.

Types Of Individual Health Insurance Plans in Chino Hills, CA

There are numerous different insurance plans and types so that you have the most possible choice in protecting yourself and your family. Some plans, such as those covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are partially funded by the government to reduce costs. Other fully private options may offer more robust care, but at higher prices.

You have many health insurance options in Chino, CA – but Good and Associates Insurance Services Chino can help you sort through the options and find the best plans and coverage for your individual needs in California. Our expertise extends beyond health policies, encompassing areas such as life insurance services in Chino, CA, where we provide equally detailed guidance. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of being your single point of contact for all the insurance plans you hold, streamlining the process for any issues that arise – just one call to us is all it takes to address your concerns.

Health Insurance Costs

The overall costs will vary greatly, simply depending on the plan(s) you choose, your age, your medical history, and the types of medical coverage provided.  However, individual insurance costs typically come in three types:

Monthly premiums are a set amount, paid every month, to secure your place within the insurance system.

Deductibles are a percentage of the medical costs that you’ll pay out of pocket before insurance pays the rest. For example, if an insurance plan has a $500 deductible for surgeries, you only pay $500 while insurance pays everything else.

Co-Pays are a split in payment between the insurer and insured for certain specific types of medical services, such as splitting the costs of vision care 50/50.

Get the Right Individual Life Insurance for Your Needs

There’s a lot to consider when looking through different health insurance companies and plans in Chino Hills, CA. As a certified partner of Covered California, Good and Associates is uniquely positioned to streamline the process for you. We focus on helping you find the right insurance coverage tailored to your individual needs and at affordable prices. If you’re in need of affordable health insurance, don’t leave your well-being to chance. Contact us today to consult on your diverse insurance options and receive a free quote.


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  • What is the difference between individual and family health insurance policies?

    As the name suggests the individual insurance policy holder will receive the policy benefits for him, but in the family insurance each member listed in the policy would enjoy the benefits.

  • What are employee assistance programs?

    The insurance companies or the employers sometimes provide extra services, such as mental health counseling. This service does not require any direct payment by the individual or the employer.

  • What is HMO?

    Health maintenance organization- they are more useful when used under the group insurance plan. They are very cheap but do not give you much freedom. The main advantage here is you escape from the burden of going through a lot of paper work. You also receive coverage for health promotion programs. But the only drawback here is you are allowed to receive treatment only from a specific set of doctors. Or else you have to pay.

  • Which is best the POS or the FFS?

    Flexibility is the main difference between the point of service and the fee-for-service plan. The ffs allows you to enjoy maximum flexibility but it is more expensive and has additional paperwork. In pos there is only limited freedom so it’s not as flexible as the ffs. In pos you have to choose a primary care physician, if he is not in the list then you having to pay your own bill. But in ffs you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. So if you do not mind about the expense then ffs is advantageous

  • Why should I pay the co-payment?

    The insurance company asks you for the co-payment before you buy your health insurance policy. The company asks for the co-payment for doctor’s visits or prescription medication


At Good and Associates Insurance Services Chino, we are committed to providing group health insurance solutions in Chino Hills that are tailored to our individual needs. With a variety of options including individual and family policies, Medicare plans, life insurance, and dental insurance, we ensure that we have access to essential health benefits. As experienced insurance brokers, we guide ourselves through the complexities of health insurance, helping us to understand the differences between various plans such as HMOs, POS, and FFS, and the importance of aspects like co-payments and employee assistance programs. Our expertise in navigating the insurance market ensures that we find the best coverage for our unique situations, all while making the process simple and efficient.