How Your Medicare Advantage Insurance Agent Conducts a Needs Analysis

How Your Medicare Advantage Insurance Agent Conducts a Needs Analysis

Conducting a Medicare Advantage needs analysis gives your insurance agent the context they need to understand your medical history. Their needs analysis involves asking targeted questions to learn more about your history and your current health requirements.

Asking the following questions can help guide them in building your Medicare Advantage plan.

Do You Want Any Prescriptions Checked?

This will help the Medicare Advantage insurance agent explore your prescription options and whether current plans offer adequate coverage. If the prescription isn’t covered, you will have to pay out of pocket. So, this is a crucial question for the agent to ask.

Has Anyone Explained Your Medicare Options?

You’ll need to understand what Medicare Parts A, B, and D cover. Your San Bernardino Medicare Advantage insurance agent can explain the options and help you navigate the Medicare services.

How Often Do You Go to a Doctor?

Most Medicare Advantage plans will require a small copay for seeing a specialist. If you’re seeing a specialist 10 times a month, the copay can begin to add up. By finding out how often you see a doctor, they can find the right Medicare plan at the right price for you.

Do You Have any Chronic Conditions?

Clients with end-stage renal disease cannot enter Medicare Advantage plans. However, some plans do cover chronic conditions such as ESRD. It’s important your agent finds out about your current health and chronic health challenges.

Do You Know Anyone Who Has Been in a Nursing Facility?

Medicare Advantage only covers a specific number of days in nursing facilities. Asking you this question will help the agent explain long-term care coverage and the various plan options.

Do You Live in Another State or Travel Frequently?

Visits to out of state healthcare providers may not be covered. Keeping this in mind, it’s important you know your options for when you’re traveling and need specialist healthcare.

What Do You Like About Your Current Medicare Plan?

Your current Medicare Advantage plan should be carefully considered during the analysis. Your agent will ask you what you like about the plan and which elements you want to keep. This will then form the foundation for your updated plan.

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