How to Spot a Covered California Agent

How to Spot a Covered California Agent

Choosing a covered California agent for your insurance needs can ensure you and your family are protected year round. But how can you single out the best from the rest? In their years as one of the leading insurance agencies, Good and Associates Insurance Services have helped hundreds find the perfect plan.

Here you’ll find a few tips based on their years of experience in the Medicare and insurance industry to help you spot an exceptional covered California agent.


 Hiring an agent with the right credentials is a must. Before agreeing to employ anyone, check to see what type of certifications and training they have. A few of the more popular certifications are:

  • Financial planner
  • Insurance counselor
  • Associate in risk management
  • Personal financial specialist

It’s also important to certify that the insurance agent/company you’ll be working with retains all the necessary licensing to do business in your state.


 Working with a reputable insurance agent helps protect your assets and ensures you receive the very best coverage. Don’t hesitate to do a bit of research as to the reputation of potential providers and the agents they employ. You can also read reviews online and ask if they can provide you with references.

Range of Services

 Hiring a covered California agent trained to offer a comprehensive range of services is important because it will make things easier. Perhaps you have to transition from private insurance to Medicare or have questions about moving to another state: an agent that offers extensive services is more likely to help you find affordable solutions.

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