How to Know You’re Working with A Reputable Life Insurance Agent

How to Know You’re Working with A Reputable Life Insurance Agent

If you need life insurance, working with a qualified life insurance agent is usually the best call.  You’ll have a wider range of policies available, as well as an expert who can offer advice on how to fulfill your insurance goals.  However, not every life insurance agent is as good as every other… and some could even be out to scam you.  It’s important to know that you can truly trust your agent, or else you could be taking a very big risk.

Work in the industry long enough, and you hear plenty of horror stories about scam agents.  Here are the things you should watch out for.

Three Red Flags When Talking to A Life Insurance Agent

  1. They cold call you.

A reputable insurance company will never randomly call people at home trying to sell insurance.  It’s that simple.  Reputable life insurance agencies wait for you to go to them, and they won’t call you unless you’ve permitted them to call.

If it’s a cold call from an insurance company you’ve never heard of, say ‘no’ and hang up.

  1. They’re dodgy about showing their credentials.

Life insurance agents in California must be licensed through the CA Department of Insurance.  This license should be prominently displayed in their office or, at the least, immediately available for inspection upon request.  In addition, they must be bonded as well, and have proof of this.

If your would-be insurance agent refuses to show you either of these, walk away.

  1. They push hard to up-sell you.

Life insurance is one of those products where there’s almost no ceiling on what you can spend on a policy.  You can pretty much always pay more to get more in coverage… and some unscrupulous agents will try to take advantage of this.  They’ll try to push you to get more coverage than you need, or you could reasonably afford.

Go into the meeting with a set budget for your monthly premiums and establish that early on.  If they won’t respect your budgetary restrictions, then you could almost certainly find a better insurance agent who will be able to meet your needs.

Good and Associates Has You Covered

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