How To Find Cheaper Group Health Insurance Quotes in California

How To Find Cheaper Group Health Insurance Quotes in California

If you run a business in California, it’s a very good idea to provide health coverage to your employees.  In fact, if you employ more than 50 people, you’re legally required to provide health insurance, per the American Care Act (ACA).

However, even if you employ fewer people than 50, it’s still highly beneficial to offer insurance plans.  Having good health insurance coverage is a great way to attract better workers and encourage them to remain employed so that they can continue utilizing that high-quality coverage.

The problem, of course, is finding affordable group health insurance that fits your business’s budget.  Fortunately, health insurance brokers in California can make this process much easier!

Offering Quality Group Health Plans Is Easy When You Work with Insurance Brokers in California

There are numerous decisions to make with regards to finding a group health care plan in California.  You need to find a plan which you can afford, and your employees can afford via paycheck contributions, but which also offers comprehensive coverage.  Your workforce needs to know they can rely on the insurance you provide!

There’s also the question of whether you utilize a Health Management Organization (HMO) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).  HMOs require enrollees to choose a primary care provider, limiting who an employee can visit for healthcare, but are generally cheaper.  PPOs cost more but allow use of a much wider range of care providers.  Which is right for your business?

Health insurance brokers in California can help you answer all these questions, and more.  Brokers specialize in helping small- and medium-sized businesses understand all their options in providing healthcare and consult on the pros and cons of each choice.

More Money in Your Pocket

Additionally, health insurance agents can help you save money – potentially a lot of money.  Brokers have access to prices, plans, and policies at every major insurance provider in California.  That allows them to offer a much wider range of choices, at different price points, than you’d get if you called an insurance company directly.

Best of all, your insurance broker works for you.  They aren’t being paid to prefer any particular brand.  They’ll simply put together the best possible insurance package for the needs of your company and your employees.

Good and Associates Is Here To Help

So, if you’re looking for a better way to purchase a group health insurance plan in California, look no further than Good and AssociatesCall us today, and leverage our experience to get great insurance.

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