How A Medicare Insurance Agent Helps You Navigate the Insurance Market

How A Medicare Insurance Agent Helps You Navigate the Insurance Market

If you’re approaching 65 years old, it’s time to start thinking about Medicare.  Open enrollment happens every October, but this isn’t a decision you should put off until the last minute.  You’ll want to start doing research and thinking about your options well before the enrollment window occurs.

However, this isn’t something you should do on your own.  While it is possible to act as your agent, buying Medicare directly from a sales rep, this is rarely a good idea.  Working with a licensed Medicare insurance agent brings you numerous benefits, and no real drawbacks.

Three Reasons to Work with A Medicare Insurance Agent

  1. They are impartial

When you’re talking to someone who is employed by a single company to sell a single product, can you trust them to be objective in their advice?  Usually not.  Sales reps are there to get you to purchase from their company, and that’s it.  A Medicare agent, on the other hand, works with numerous providers and is effectively impartial.  They’re there to offer you the best advice to fit your situation.

  1. You’ll have more options

There are a huge number of Medicare plans out there, and all of them are a little different.  When you go directly to a company’s sales reps, you can only pick from that company’s offerings.  However, when you work with a Medicare insurance agent, they’ll be able to pick and choose from all the best plans from across the state which you qualify for.

This significantly expands the options on the table and makes it more likely you’ll find the perfect plan for your needs.

  1. You’ll have a reliable point of contact whenever you have questions

Again, this goes back to the matter of impartiality.  What if you have questions after signing up, or want information about how upcoming changes to the ACA or Medicare will affect your insurance?  When you’re working with agents, they’re there to help you understand everything you need to know about your insurance.

Also, they will be an excellent resource every year, when the enrollment window opens again.  Do you change your plan, or stick with what you have?  Your insurance agent will be best positioned to advise you.

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