Health Care Updates

Health Care Updates

Poll Shows Media Surrounding High Court Hearings On ACA Did Not Change Opinions.

CQ Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/24, Bristol, Subscription Publication) reports that a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll Share to FacebookShare to Twitter of 1,210 adults conducted April 4-10 found that “the media barrage surrounding the Supreme Court arguments on the constitutionality of the health care overhaul made more Americans say they were familiar with the law but it did not much affect their opinions of it.” The percentage who said that “they knew the individual mandate was part of the law” rose from 64 percent to 74 percent, but favorable unfavorable reactions to the law remained similar at 42 percent favorable to 43 percent unfavorable from 41 to 40 percent in March. Also, “the individual mandate is as unpopular as it was in March, but not more so,” at 70 percent opposed up from 66 percent in March. Yet, “more Americans said they were confident in the Supreme Court this month compared to last, 31 percent versus 23 percent.” The rise is mostly due to a change among opponents of the law.

National Journal Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/24, Sanger-Katz, Subscription Publication) reports, “The results have been static since the law was first passed, with about 40 percent opposing the law and 40 percent approving. April’s poll found 42 percent of those asked had a favorable view of the law, while 43 percent viewed it unfavorably. The poll found that more people were aware of the law’s requirement that individuals get some kind of health insurance or pay a fine, but 70 percent continue to oppose the provision.”

Some Experts Worry Court Could Hand ACA Back To Lower Courts.

Politico Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/24, Feder) reports, “Most legal experts are hoping the Supreme Court will give a clear thumbs up or down to the health care law. But they’re worried about the possibility that,” the court may reject “part of” the ACA and “remand the case to the lower courts to work through the details.” The court might also “appoint a ‘special master’ to sift through it under the high court’s supervision.” Should the court do such a thing it could take another year or more to decide the details according to “experts” referred to in the article.

House Would Block HHS Funds To Help States Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges.

The Hill Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/24, Viebeck) reports in its “Healthwatch” blog, “House Republicans, continuing to target the 2010 healthcare overhaul, have identified billions of dollars in cuts and changes to its programs they hope to include in the 2013 federal budget.” Among the proposed cuts from Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is one “meant to block states’ ability to set up insurance exchanges using funds from the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department.”

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