A Guide to Shopping for Medicare Insurance

A Guide to Shopping for Medicare Insurance

Choosing a Medicare insurance plan involves selecting a policy that has been designed for your unique health needs. But the process can be complicated due to the various changes taking place in the Medicare marketplace. To help you through this process, our team at Good and Associates is now providing our guide to shopping for Medicare insurance, in this latest post.

Choose between going through a company or an agent

The first step in your shopping involves choosing the vendor through which you wish to purchase your Medicare insurance. Are you going to buy through an agent or through a specific insurance company? One of the leading challenges in choosing insurance through a company is that you will only have very specific options available. And this might not be suitable if you require complex treatment coverage for the long-term. A Medicare insurance agent can offer you insurance through many different companies. They can then help direct you to the level of coverage that works best for you and your health needs over the coming years.

Make sense of Medicare

If you enter the Medicare marketplace, you might find that there are a number of complicated options available. One important element to note is that Medicare Parts A and B cover about 80% of a person’s total healthcare costs. This leaves them exposed to the other 20% of their health expenditures. One option in ensuring coverage for the rest of your health needs is through Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage is designed to cover more than the traditional Medicare plan, and when you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, this policy then becomes your primary coverage.

Keeping your original plan and adding supplemental coverage

Another way in which many are now choosing to shop for Medicare insurance is by keeping their original Medicare plan and then using supplemental coverage options to cover any gaps in their coverage. It’s important that you work with your insurance agent to ensure your original plan allows you to save money while you still have access to additional coverage options. Your agent can review your coverage options to determine their value for the long-term, and then help you to make your choice based on the options available.

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