A Guide to the Medicare Advantage Program

A Guide to the Medicare Advantage Program

Medicare Advantage plans are also known as Part C plans, as they cover payments for managed health services on a monthly fee rather than a per service cost. To be eligible to sign up for Medicare Advantage, a person must first be enrolled in Medicare Part A, and B. It can be difficult for many to understand the Medicare program and its elements and so we’ll delve into the details in this latest post as we look more into the Medicare Advantage program.

Additional Coverage

One of the clear benefits of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan is that it covers additional care not included in Medicare Part A and B. For example, Medicare Advantage includes vision care and hearing care, as well as dental care and other wellness services. Most plans also include Medicare prescription drug coverage, which ensures that all prescriptions are paid for under the program.

Reduced Cost

Another advantage of Medicare Advantage plans is that they are now providing beneficiaries with a more comprehensive level of service at a reduced cost. This reduced cost,for example, might be zero for some Medicare users, depending on their income and health needs. Others pay as little as $30 dollars per month for the supplemental coverage provided under Medicare Advantage plans.

Wider Network Range

Some have also found that their Medicare Advantage program has a wider network range than other available programs. And this means that any beneficiaries can gain access to their preferred care facilities and doctors under the program.

Tips for Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan:

  • Work with your provider to learn more about your options

Your care provider should be able to detail more about the health options available to you under Medicare Advantage. Make sure you look at the premiums and the deductibles carefully.

  • Compare with your current drug requirements

If you’re currently taking any medication, ensure the medication is included in your Medicare Advantage plan. Make sure the plan will lower your costs and enhance coverage before moving forward.

Our team is here to guide you in capitalizing on the many benefits of the Medicare Advantage program. To discover more about the program, call us today.