Good and Associates Insurance Services Offers Covered California Insurance Agents for Medicare Services

Good and Associates Insurance Services Offers Covered California Insurance Agents for Medicare Services

Medicare was implemented to provide individuals aged 65 and over with health insurance coverage and a sense of comfort and stability as we enter our later years. Although there are many policies out there that provide comprehensive services within this form of health insurance, choosing the right one can be difficult. Using the help of our unique Web-based services, we can connect you with the covered California insurance agents necessary to provide you with the Medicare or Medigap plan that you need.

Medicare and Medigap: What’s the Difference?

Although Medicare is an integral part of any health insurance plan, it only covers approximately 80 percent of your costs. This leaves the rest on you, and unless you are prepared to take on these costs on your own, a Medicare supplement plan, otherwise known as Medigap might be the right choice for you.  Keep in mind with a Medigap plan, you will need to purchase a separate drug plan (known as a Part D plan) to couple with your Medigap plan.  Medicare Advantage, on the other hand, will normally “embed” the part D drug plan inside the plan.

Choosing a Medigap Policy

So how exactly do you choose the right Medigap policy for you? All policies with the same letter (Plan F vs. Plan F or Plan G vs. Plan G) typically offer the same benefits from each insurance provider, as they are federally mandated and created plans.  However, what differs between them is the monthly premium, which is the main factor that will determine the company that you decide to enroll with. Ultimately, policies are priced based on the nature of their premiums, and utilizing the help of a covered California insurance agent will give you the best result when it comes to choosing the most suitable plan.

For example, attained-aged policies start with the lowest prices of all policies, but increase in price as you age. Conversely, issue-age policies increase in price based on the rate of inflation as opposed to age. These are all concepts that can make the process of choosing the right policy fairly difficult for the uneducated and might leave you with one that isn’t best suited to your needs.

Using our unique Web-based services, which act as an aggregate resource for Medigap policies, our team at Good and Associates insurance services can provide you with a comprehensive listing of Medigap policies and connect you with the right covered California insurance agent. If you’re located in the Rancho Cucamonga, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, or San Bernardino areas, give us a call at (800) 429-9900 and we’ll help you get started on investing into your future health.