Deadline Extended for Covered California Due to Pandemic

Deadline Extended for Covered California Due to Pandemic

Recently, the Covered California program announced that it would be extending its enrollment period due to issues and concerns involving the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, uninsured individuals eligible for the program have until the end of July to enroll in the special program, designed to provide quality healthcare coverage to those who desperately need it most.

Covered California was created for people in need of health insurance outside of the traditional open-enrollment period due to life events, such as giving birth to a child, moving, getting married, or losing their traditional health insurance.

According to officials, this year more than twice the amount of people signed up for Covered California than last year, which impacted the decision to extend the enrollment period for an extra month. Those who sign up for care under Covered California will be provided with accessible private health care with premiums that will be lower due to federal and state financial assistance that became effective last year.

Consumers that sign up for Covered California may also be eligible for no-cost or low-cost health insurance coverage through Medi-Cal. It’s important to note that both Covered California and Medi-Cal have telehealth options to keep you as safe and healthy as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before we go, there are some important factors to note regarding Covered California, such as:

  • The decision to extend the enrollment period came as public health officials recognized the ongoing uncertainty in the lives of many amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Those that are eligible to enroll in Covered California and don’t currently have healthcare coverage can sign up between now and the end of July.
  • This extension also applies to those enrolling in plans outside of Covered California, ensuring that the entire health insurance market in the state offers access to everyone during the pandemic.
  • All testing and screening for COVID-19 is free and all of today’s current California healthcare plans include telemedicine options.

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