California Health care updates

California Health care updates

Assembly Passes Bills to Expand Healthcare Services

California Healthline reports that the Assembly passed several bills designed to expand medical care and mental health services. Lawmakers approved a measure – AB 154, by Assembly member Jim Beall (D-San Jose) — that would require insurers to cover conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Opponents argue that the state’s health insurance exchange guidelines are still being finalized and that the bill could end up costing the state more over the long term.

The Assembly also passed the following bills:

  • AB 137 would require insurers to cover mammograms for medical needs regardless of a patient’s age.
  • AB 171 would require health plans to cover developmental disorders, such as autism.
  • AB 369 would prevent health plans from requiring a patient to try lower-priced prescription medication before allowing access to a physician-prescribed drug.
  • AB 1000 would require insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy treatments at the same level as intravenous chemotherapy.

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