Buying Health Insurance Outside of Open Enrollment Dates

Buying Health Insurance Outside of Open Enrollment Dates

The Affordable Care Act requires that everyone carry some type of health insurance, whether it be from a private agency or a federally funded program. There many types of health insurance that aren’t in compliance with ACA standards and guidelines. The staff of Good and Associates can help you enroll in a policy existing policy or help you find a good health insurance policy if you don’t have one.

Special Enrollment Periods

In most cases, you are required to enroll in an insurance program during a specific period. There are special enrollment periods for individuals who have insurers who are leaving their state’s marketplace or have experienced natural disasters. A good example of the latter is the hurricanes that have hit both Florida and Georgia within the last year. This has allowed the open enrollment period to be extended in those states.

Know the Enrollment Dates for Your State

There are also many states who have chosen to extend their open enrollment periods beyond the original deadlines. In areas where the marketplace is operated by the states, the states have the right to extend the enrollment period to a length of their own choosing. While most states only extend the period for a few days, others have extended far past the first of the new year. In some areas, if you are enrolled in an insurance program after the original open enrollment date has passed, your insurance may not take effect.

Qualifying Events Allow You Additional Opportunities

Many things count as qualifying events. A few of the most common include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Gain/Loss of a dependent
  • Involuntary loss of existing coverage
  • Imminent move out of state
  • Changes in income that put you in or take you out of the coverage gap

Many states require some type of proof that a qualifying event occurred but will allow you to enroll if you meet the requirements.

At Good and Associates, it’s important that everyone has good health insurance coverage. Having affordable coverage is a necessity that protects you from financial loss if you become seriously ill or are injured. If you have any questions about whether your existing coverage is ACA compliant, or when you can purchase or upgrade your existing policy,contact us today.