An Expert’s Guide to Medicare: How the Different Parts Apply to You

An Expert’s Guide to Medicare: How the Different Parts Apply to You

If you’ve only recently become eligible for Medicare, you probably have a lot of questions about the type of benefits you’ll have and the different parts that apply to your coverage. The San Bernardino Medicare insurance agents from Good and Associates Insurance Services understand it might seem a little overwhelming at first glance, so they’ve provided this breakdown below.

Part A

 Medicare is built into four parts, the first of these being the services you receive from paying into Social Security while working. This arm of Medicare is designed to cover things like hospital care, as well as nursing and hospice services for those in need.

Part B

 This branch of Medicare might not always be needed, so before signing on it’s important to consult with a licensed San Bernardino Medicare insurance agent to determine if these services are right for you. Part B is optional, covering things like fees and doctor visits. Many who are still covered under their work insurance likely won’t need this portion until retirement age.

Part C

 Part C is one of the most recent additions to the program, also known as Medicare Advantage. This is when a private insurance provider that partners with the government takes over your coverage plan. All of your health insurance services and premiums are funneled through this company. You’ll still be required to pay the Part B premium as well as your Part C fees. This arm of Medicare helps you fill coverage gaps much in the same way supplemental insurance does.

Part D

 This is the part of Medicare that helps pay for medication. It’s offered by private companies that have been certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. In many cases, such payments can be deducted from your Social Security check automatically.

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