The Process of Renewing Covered California Policies in Upland

The Process of Renewing Covered California Policies in Upland

Many Upland residents are now using Covered California policies as a way to pay for their health and dental costs. But there is some confusion regarding the renewal of Covered California policies. Within this new post, we’re going to explore the process in detail as we explain how to renew your Covered California policy and what to consider during the renewal process.

Start by Consulting with Your Insurance Provider

Your Covered California insurance provider will help you to identify the information you need to begin the renewal process. For 2019, the renewal process begins again in the fall of this year and so you can consult with our team at Good & Associates Insurance Services during the fall months to consider your renewal and any changes that must be made to your plan for the year ahead.

You can opt to do nothing

It’s important to recognize that you can opt to do nothing when you receive your renewal notice. This will mean you’re re-enrolled automatically into the same plan as long as the plan is available and is priced the same.

Shop and compare plans

When you wish to upgrade your plan, you can then shop with a Covered California insurance provider such as Good & Associates Insurance Services and compare the various plans. Our team is trained to analyze the plans and provide clients with comprehensive details regarding plan options and upgrades. We are working to review the changes being made to plans ready for the 2019 fall renewal phase and will have all the details you need should you decide to upgrade or change your plan this year.

Formally agree to the plan

Along with your insurance provider, you will then agree to the plan and sign the forms indicating you wish to have Covered California coverage from the specific Upland provider. You will be then sent an invoice for the cost of the service and your renewal will be processed

When reviewing your Covered California plan as an Upland resident, make sure you consider the cost of the policy and any coverage changes you might require in the coming year. Our team at Good & Associates Insurance Services can help guide you through this process. We have the expertise within our team to review your policy needs and customize a plan that responds to your coverage requirements directly. To learn more, call us today.