A Medicare Mentor Makes Medicare Signup Easy

A Medicare Mentor Makes Medicare Signup Easy

A Medicare Mentor Makes Medicare Signup Easy

Medicare signup isn’t easy.  The paperwork isn’t that hard, but you have so many options in plans to choose between.  Which Medicare option is right for you, and which will provide for your needs in the next year – and without breaking the bank?

If you’re confused by the process – and most people are – there’s a better solution: a Medicare mentor!  Experienced mentors who understand the Medicare system can help you understand your various options and find all the best plans which cover your medical needs.

Finding a good Medicare mentor isn’t hard and can help simplify your healthcare options in plenty of ways.

How A Medicare Mentor Can Simplify Medicare Signup 

1 – Determining your eligibility

Are you eligible for Medicare right now?  Sure, if you’re 65 or older, you can certainly sign up – but there are plenty of other situations and contingencies which allow younger people to enroll in Medicare as well.  This can include medical hardship, disability, and other more unusual situations.

A good Medicare mentor understands all the eligibility requirements for Medicare and can coach you on when the best time to enroll will be.

2 – Comparing your Medicare plan options

Medicare isn’t a single monolithic system; there are numerous plans and coverage combinations available.  This is good because it means that everyone can create a Medicare plan that covers their specific needs – but it also means that signup is complicated, with a lot of choices to sort through.

The right Medicare mentor can make this easier!  They can look at the various plans you’re potentially qualified to receive and help you understand the differences.  Budget is also another factor, of course, but they know the costs involved and will find plans that fit your economic situation.

3- Explaining the differences between ‘types’ of Medicare

Even the most basic Medicare plans have a few variations.  For example, you might want to look into:

  • Medicare Advantage:  This alternative to Medicare parts A & B can potentially cover health, vision, hearing, and more with a single plan – but is it cost-effective?
  • Medicare Supplements (aka “Medigap”):  These plans fill in the ‘holes’ in standard Medicare, such as more robust hospital coverage.
  • Medicare Prescription:  Will all your prescriptions be covered by your plan?  Medicare has so many options.

Good And Associates wants to make Medicare Signup easier for everyone.  Click here to start consulting with our Medicare mentors and simplify the process.