A Guide to the Benefits of the Medicare Advantage Plan for San Bernardino Residents

A Guide to the Benefits of the Medicare Advantage Plan for San Bernardino Residents

Choosing a Medicare plan is a great way to extend the level of medical care available to you and your family. Our team at Good & Associates has years of experience in offering Medicare plans to clients across the region. To help you learn more about your insurance options in San Bernardino, we’re highlighting the benefits of the Medicare Advantage plan.

Additional coverage

Most Medicare Advantage plans offer additional coverage not covered by Part A and Part B. For example, some plans offer prescription drug coverage and dental benefits. Starting this year, many plans also include transportation to and from medical appointments.

No premiums

Many of the leading Medicare Advantage plans also offer $0 premiums, which means it costs nothing to belong to the plan and to achieve coverage. However, you will still have to pay for Part A and Part B coverage.

Out of pocket spending limits

The newest Medicare Advantage plans for San Bernardino residents include out of pocket spending limits. These plans cap the amount of money you will pay out of pocket for your medical care within the year. Once this limit is reached, the plan pays 100% of your out of pocket expenses. The current out of pocket limit is $6700.

All in one plans

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans include all of the required care elements within one plan, making the process of paying for treatment simpler. With all treatment included within the plan, you will only need to sign up for the one product to support your full range of health needs.

Customized plans

You can also customize your Medicare Advantage plans so that they meet your full range of medical requirements with precision. There are also Medicare Advantage Special Needs plans for medical care coverage that extends beyond those offered in the basic plan.

Turn to Good & Associates for plan options

Our trusted and experienced team at Good & Associates is here in San Bernardino to help guide you when choosing a Medicare Advantage plan. We have decades of experience in the insurance industry and have a comprehensive understanding of the many policies offered by the leading companies. To discover more about our products and services, contact us today for a quote.



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