5 Reasons Why Medicare Should Matter to Everyone

5 Reasons Why Medicare Should Matter to Everyone

Whether you’re nearing your 65th birthday or still young and vibrant, it’s never too early or late to learn about Medicare. After all, everyone ages eventually. Medicare also offers coverage for those who struggle with disabilities. That’s why Good and Associates Insurance Services wanted to share some top reasons here why Medicare signup should matter to everyone!

1. You’re Guaranteed Affordable Health Insurance

One of the best aspects of Medicare is that it provides coverage to many that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford medical coverage. Access to healthcare is much more robust than before the program was created, so it’s easy to find an affordable plan for you.

2. Medicare is Comprehensive

Another benefit of the Medicare program is that it provides comprehensive medical services like preventative services and free health screenings. Many of the different programs include free annual checkups for everything from heart disease to diabetes and depression.

3. Medicare is Available to More than Just the Elderly

When one thinks of Medicare, our mind jumps to being older, but Medicare actually offers coverage to many under the age of 65. It provides coverage to those who suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). It also offers care to the millions of Americans that are disabled that can’t afford to purchase private health insurance.

4. It’s Innovative

The Medicare program pays doctors for the quality of their care, rather than the variety of services they offer. This can be a better option for some who want the best care in their area. Medicare is known for implementing initiatives that have improved quality and staff coordination, and more.

5. It Helps Fight Poverty

Most importantly, the Medicare program helps fight against poverty by helping people shoulder the burden of rising health costs, serious illnesses, and getting older and more vulnerable.

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