5 Benefits of Covered California Enrollment | Good & Associates

5 Benefits of Covered California Enrollment | Good & Associates

Covered California was created to help provide more residents access to quality health insurance at an affordable price. It’s a free service that offers access to popular health insurance services as well as enrollment assistance for those who need it. However the main benefit to allowing us to guide you through the Covered California Exchange is to obtain premium assistance to lower or in some cases nearly eliminate your monthly premium.  But it can often be a little overwhelming, which is why the team from Good & Associates can work with you to navigate any of the complications and choose the best plan for you.

If you need help with Covered California enrollment, our agents can help. But we also want to highlight some of the benefits of the program here!

  1. Quality Insurance

When you purchase insurance through a Covered California plan, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving some of the very best options in the state. This is because every insurance provider Covered California works with is strictly vetted and required to maintain the highest standards.

  1. A Wider Variety of Options

The Covered California website provides you with not only many different healthcare plans to browse but also enables users to do everything from compare copays to monthly premiums, making it a one-stop-shop.

  1. Better Prices

More access to a variety of health plans also means improved options. With more competition and residents searching for health plans, the marketplace has become more competitive, with many providers offering the best plans for the most affordable prices possible. This makes it easier for you to find one that meets all your needs that isn’t too expensive.

  1. Additional Financial Help

In addition to the easy access to quality health plans provided by Covered California, it’s also the only place that offers financial assistance for those to meet their monthly insurance premiums should they need it. Those who qualify for aid can now receive it.

  1. Comprehensive Support

One of the biggest benefits of the Covered California program is that you’ll receive the support you need every step of the way.

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