4 Medicare Enrollment Periods to Keep up With

4 Medicare Enrollment Periods to Keep up With

4 Medicare Enrollment Periods to Keep Up With

It’s no secret that understanding when to enroll in Medicare can seem a little confusing at first, which is why many choose to work with insurance experts like Good and Associates Insurance Services. But we also wanted to highlight some important things to keep in mind if you’re considering enrolling in Medicare for the first time.

Here we’ve collected the most important things to be aware of so you can have all the facts when you enroll!

  1. Who is eligible to enroll in Medicare?

First, you’re probably wondering exactly who’s eligible to enroll in Medicare. It’s commonly known that 65 is the enrollment age, however, there are also some exceptions. You can enroll in Medicare if:

  • You’re 65 or older.
  • You’re over 65 and disabled and have been collecting Social Security for the past two years.
  • You’re under 65 and have been collecting Social Security Disability Insurance for two or more years.
  • You’re under 65 and have been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease.
  • You’re under 65 and have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
  1. What are the different enrollment periods?

In terms of enrolling for Medicare, as mentioned above, there are some important dates to keep in mind. There are four different enrollment periods that are offered depending upon your needs, they are:

  • Initial Enrollment Period: This enrollment period is a seven-month period including the three months before your 65th birthday, as well as the month you turn 65 and the three months afterward.
  • General Enrollment Period: For those who missed the initial enrollment period, you can still enroll for Medicare during the general enrollment period. At this time, you’ll be able to enroll in an Original Medicare plan (Parts A and B). The period runs from Jan. 1-March 31 each year. Those who missed their initial enrollment period may be required to pay a late fee to enroll at this time.
  • Special Enrollment Period: Those who’ve chosen for one reason or another not to enroll in Medicare Part B can do so during this special enrollment period. You can also update your current Medicare plan during this time. It’s often offered in a two-month window and the time it’s available to you will have to do with your specific needs.
  • Annual Enrollment Period: At this time, you can make changes to your current Medicare Advantage or Prescription drug plan. This period lasts from Oct. 15-Dec. 7.

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