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Whether you’re an individual, family or small business, investing in a quality Rancho Cucamonga health insurance plan is essential to provide you with the stability and level of comfort that you need to enjoy your life. At Good and Associates Insurance Services, we offer unique Web-based services to help you sift through the many options available to you, and find the plan that is right for you.

Why Invest?

There is no better way to preserve you and your family’s health than investing in a quality insurance policy. Medical treatments aren’t cheap and you never know when you’re going to need them, making a healthcare plan essential to provide you with the comfort of knowing that you will be taken care of in your time of need.

California Insurance Policies

There are three main types of health insurance policies available to Rancho Cucamonga residents: consumer-focused, fee for service and managed care. Each of these plans are designed to help you cover surgical, medical and hospital expenses, and depending on the plan, you might also get the benefit of dental coverage, prescription drugs and mental health services.


More and more, modern healthcare plans are being designed to give you as much control as possible. These consumer-focused plans allow you to setup your own fund that is used to cover the medical expenses that you face.

Fee for Service

Plans that fall into this category are more traditional than consumer-focused plans, and involve paying your provider a fee in order to receive the benefit of the healthcare services in your plan. These plans are great for those that want flexibility when it comes to selecting physicians and healthcare providers.

Managed Care

For those that want an affordable plan with low out-of-pocket costs, managed care plans are your best bet. However, when under these plans, you can only receive treatment from physicians that are a part of the managed care network, making your physician and healthcare provider selection much more limited.

Deciding on the right healthcare plan requires a knowledge of the industry, and at Good and Associates Insurance Services, our Rancho Cucamonga team can help you make informed decisions to receive the individual, family or business coverage that you need. In addition, we offer Medicare supplement insurance services for those that want more out of their Medicare plans. Contact us today at (800)429-9900 and we’ll help you get started.

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